I haven't posted many pictures of what I've been up to lately, so here's a little recap.

Going to lunch with some of my favorite former roommates.
Thai food with Erin, I miss her!
After an 18 hour drive in a Uhaul, Candice and I were thrilled to have made it to Utah! We had a great time talking and laughed a lot. I'm glad the drive was with her and not a boring person!
Here I am at a little preschool playgroup I help run as part of my United Way internship. The kids are adorable and I get to practice my Spanish with them.
Ashley and I went shopping on Black Friday! We had so much fun!
At church with Em and G.
All dressed up for Harry Potter! I was Lavender Brown and Erin made the amazing sign that I'm holding.
Fancy charity gala that I volunteered at with my fellow United way interns. The CEO of Xango and David and Doug Osmond sat the table I was hosting. Awesome! David and Doug sang and have amazing voices, I was very impressed.
Looking at the lights at Riverwoods!
My wonderful friends Tyler and Alie Jones recently had the most adorable baby - Jack! I got to go over and visit about a week after he was born and visit with them and hold little Jack. I want one! He has so much hair and is just darling.
Happy birthday Tyler O!
Nordstrom with Mandie and Lisa! Trying on scarves for fun!
At Zupa's with Lisa!
Pizza Fac with Lisabeth and Amanda! Layne was there too, but he was taking the picture in this one.
This is from a Risk game I was playing with Grayson back home. He destroys me at every game we play. From chess, to xbox games, to Risk, to skipbo, just name it and he's better than I am.
Good ol' Condors game.
Halloween was a blast thanks to Bree! We went as Provo All-stars, so fun.

Eric showed us how to make homemade egg rolls - delicious!
Wearing our polypros from Study abroad. Classic.
Time needs to slow down, life is just flying by much too quickly!

2 Response to Life

December 7, 2010 at 2:25 PM

I love that Harry Potter photo! And you won't even believe how much Jack has grown!

December 20, 2010 at 3:46 AM

I love that you dressed up for Harry potter too! We need to get everyone together for another dinner sometime. Are you coming back to Utah after Christmas?

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