Land of Kiwis

People from New Zealand are often called Kiwis, but you probably already knew that. They also have a bird in NZ that is called a kiwi too. They're pretty dang cute, although I only saw pictures of them since they are nocturnal.

Spent part of our last day in NZ on the beach. Check out the clouds, don't they look like they were painted onto the sky?

Didn't take this one, obviously, but I thought it was a cute one of us just walking along the shore.
Ice cream in New Zealand is pretty famous and a lot of people love it, which I never knew before this trip. I tried a flavor called hokey pokey and I liked it, because I like all ice cream, but the texture was a little strange - sort of like cool whip.
We went to out to eat and found ostrich on the menu! Oh wow, you don't see that every day. I didn't dare try it.
Walking around at night.
We found a playground and all turned back into little kids! We had the best time!

It really is the simple in things life that make it so wonderful.

All of us in front of the temple.
Mine, Mandie, Lisa and Blake's friendship bracelets, awww.
Something I loved about New Zealand is that we didn't have to camp! YAY! We traveled around to different places almost daily, but got to stay in cabins, halleluja! One of the nights we all gathered into a cabin together and we had a "sorting" into different Harry Potter houses. You can see the different bandannas represent different houses and the sorting hat is sitting there on the table. We each took a turn and sat on the table and were magically sorted. I was put into Hufflepuff. I laughed so hard through the whole thing.
Mandie and myself before church!
Most of us decided to go to a Maori Hangi dinner one night. It's basically the equivalent of a Hawaiin luau. Hangi just refers to how the food is cooked - in the ground with hot stones. Here I am sporting the world's absolute ugliest outfit.
The food is under there cooking. While we were waiting our host wanted to know where everyone was from and could say hello and at least a few words in every single language - 13 to be exact! It was incredibly impressive. He called us all the Tribe of 13 Nations.
This is what it looked underneath. I think they've modernized it quite a bit, but the concept is still the same.
Yum! We were starving! I noticed that there are some very true stereotypes about Americans. Not only are we loud, but we eat a lot and quickly. I had firsts, then seconds and then dessert just like everyone else at my table. While eating my dessert I looked around and noticed some Europeans still eating their first round of food. In true American fashion we scarfed down our meal.
We also got to watch a show which was really cool. I love watching them dance, they're so good at it. Some of the men wore very little clothing and had lots of tattoos.
Even the girls draw on their face, typically on their chins.
One thing I noticed about people from New Zealand is that they are very optimistic. Definitely the kind of people that see the glass half full.

Look how clear the water is at this pond. It's far deeper than it looks. The guides told us some cool things about it, but sadly, I don't remember what they said.
Bus rides were never dull.
New Zealand, you are an amazing country full of beauty and adventure. I hope I get to visit you again soon!

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December 17, 2012 at 4:20 AM

So glad to be reminded of some of my best moments. That sorting was the pinnacle of our study abroad :)

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