End of the Year

Out to lunch with the other Welcome Baby and Help Me Grow interns at the end of the semester. I will miss them all so much!
While at home I found some super old, Goodwill glasses with no frames. They're actually ray-bans and Steph says I look like a hipster while wearing them. That's me alright, hipster through and through. ha. Here G is wearing the glasses while I'm wearing his.
Modeling the glasses while walking up the stairs.
Grayson's end of the year holiday party at his class.
Emily and our ridiculous amount of fry sauce and ketchup! haha
Jazz Game! First NBA game ever, it was so much fun!
Deer out front of my apartment.
2010 was an awesome year. Everyone has been summarizing 2010 month to month on their blog, but let me just summarize it by saying it was the year of travelling for me. I was out of the country for over 80 days. Whoa. Such an incredible year. I also had two internships and graduated. Awesome. Hope 2011 will be just as great!

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