Bungy Jumping

Yes, I did it. One of the scariest moments of my life. Far, far, far scarier than skydiving. I'd go sky diving again for sure, but I do not ever plan on bungee jumping again. (For the record, it seems that it's spelled bungee most often, but on my certificate it says bungy, anyone know which way is correct)?
Yes, this was also done at the Agrodome in Rotorua. I wasn't really very nervous before I went up, after all I'd been skydiving, how much worse could this be?
On my way up! The employees had quite inappropriate senses of humor, but I was glad for the distraction so that I couldn't think about about how scary this would actually be. And of course I had to wear my krazy poly pro top.
I can't even believe I did it. I had the people down on the ground count down from 10 for me, otherwise I knew I would have been standing up there for ages. It seems decently tall looking from the ground up, but when you're standing up there looking down it seems miles high.
It's completely silent except for the sound of the wind and you feel totally suicidal as you stand up there preparing to jump off. That's not a good feeling. You are stepping off a tower with nothing but a river below you and a cord attached to your feet. That's real comforting.
I was quietly panicking inside, this was much worse than I expected, but no turning back now. My heart was racing like crazy and I just wanted to feel the cord reach the end and launch me back up to know that I wasn't going to fall all the way to the ground.
Most of the people in our group bungee jumped and after doing it myself I have a whole new respect for all of them. Eric was very supportive and yelled out hilarious comments from the ground to those up at the top like, "I'll catch you!" Or "I think I see angels up there helping you." And of course the adopted motto, "You can do hard things!"
This is my favorite picture. Everyone said I looked like a little rag doll being bounced all over the place. After watching the video, I definitely did.
Some people got sick from all of the bouncing and others said their eyes hurt, but luckily I didn't experience of that. Just relief that I was alive and it was over.
Some people do crazy things for the adrenaline rush. I however, do not. In fact, I don't get much joy from adrenaline, so I can't really relate to people who do. But I do love to try new things, pushing myself and being able to say, "I've done that." I get so much satisfaction from participating in a wide range of events and that is the biggest reason why I did it. Because for the rest of my life I can say, "I did it."

Phew. I did it. But once was enough.

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December 20, 2010 at 3:31 AM

I've done that:)

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