Britney's Birthday

In July, while on study abroad, Lisa told us all about the annual birthday party she and her friends have for Britney Spears. This sounded like a great idea to me and I decided I'd be going for sure. So I did! It was soooo much fun! Lots of mocktails and dancing.
The cute couple making the drinks.
Dancing to all sorts of music, but with Britney videos playing in the background nonstop. Lisa and her friends did a great job setting it all up, I was way impressed. It was really great to meet so many fun, new people.

Caitlin, me and Lisa. Caitlin and I made the drive to Rexburg together and had a great time.
Not sure what's happening in this picture, but Emily eventually blew out the candles. It cracked me up that they actually had cupcakes and candles.
Clean up was fun too :)
I absolutely love random, fun things like this. Lisa and her friends are wonderful and I had the best weekend with them! Oh and Happy 29th birthday, Britney!

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