Australia From Other People's Cameras

I try to only post pictures that I take, but if I do post someone's pictures I make a point to give them credit. Well, I can tell you that I didn't take any of these pictures. They're all from different people on study abroad at all different times, but I wanted to post them so here you go!


"If you are what you eat then I'm cheap, easy and fast." Hahaha, oh the vans were all so creative.

Pretty birds!
Oh Eric, this is too funny.

Giant bugs! Can't believe people held this guy.
The maps of the reef we looked at before scuba diving.

Swimming was one of my favorite parts of Australia.
I want to cry every time I see pictures of these enormous spiders.

Yay for public transportation.
Carrying this bag around was the bane of my existence. I put my hiking backpack and my tent all in this duffel which was a horrible idea because it was so heavy I could hardly carry it. Then my flip flop broke. Struggle.

CREEPIEST looking animal EVER! I can't get over it.

The wind was blowing so hard while we were walking across the bridge that we had to capture it!
Caitlin and Katy told stories at this table that were so funny I almost peed my pants. I love funny people and funny stories.

2 Response to Australia From Other People's Cameras

December 20, 2010 at 3:44 AM

Love this post. Garrett and I talk all the time about home badly looking through pictures makes us want to go back. This post made me so nostalgic.

December 17, 2012 at 4:12 AM

Well here I am perusing your blog and find myself commenting on the same post almost exactly 2 years later. These pictures make me miss the South Pacific so much!

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