Things You Don't Normally See in America

There are quite a few differences between Australia and America, as well as some similarities. For this post I'm going to point out some of the differences. We each took a turn being "Leader of the Day" and we were basically in charge of what we did that day and making sure everything ran smoothly. Easier said that done. On my day as being leader we were scheduled to go to Rain Forest Station which was an awesome place to go because we got to see so many Australian things all in one place. A majority of the pictures from this post are from this place, which I highly recommend going to if you're ever in Australia.

We'll get down to business by starting off with the toilets in the South Pacific. There are no handles to flush, just two buttons. The buttons vary slightly from toilet to toilet, but there is always one symbolizing full and the other half full in order to conserve water. I think you can figure out what each is for.
Lots of colorful artwork done to imitate that of the aboriginals.

Didgeridoos. They look a lot easier than they are. I could barely get a squeak out.
Someone who actually knew what they were doing.
Of course we had to see some Koalas!
They're so cute!
Feeding a kangaroo! You normally have to pay for the food but a really nice employee gave me some for free, yay!
Petting a wallaby. They're so cute! We were super excited to see them at this point in the trip because we'd only been there a few days, but then we got used to seeing them all over and they lost some of their appeal, but were still cute.
Isn't this the ugliest, yet almost cute little creature?
My face says it all - I was a little bit apprehensive about having a snake put around me, especially since I was one of the first to go, but it was cool. I couldn't help but think of Britney Spears when I had it around me.
The guide in the background has an interesting look on his face.
Beautiful, brightly colored birds.

All I could think of was, "Maybe the dingo ate your baby." I don't even watch Seinfeld, but I do know that line. They're beautiful animals. We actually had one come into our campsite when we were in Darwin. A little unnerving, especially when I had to get up in the middle of the night and walk to the bathroom, but he never bothered us except he bit into Amy's apple and dragged her backpack probably fifty feet away in the night.
This sign was actually posted at a beach we went to, but I'm posting it here to go along with this picture of the croc.
This is Jack the Ripper who is MASSIVE!
The scariest things in Australia to me are the spiders. They are all GIANT. Everywhere you go there are massive, disgusting spiders. My worst fear.
This sign really was posted below this guy. I'm shivering as I look at this now. Eeek!
Ever heard of an Army Duck? I sure hadn't. They are vehicles that can go on land or in water and we got to ride around on them for a little bit on a guided tour.
Courtney and the two Laurens.
We saw some cool things while riding around on them. Hi little guy.
I felt like I was on a real life jungle cruise. I was expecting to see a Hippo raise his head out of the water at any second.
Love all of the different kinds of fruit. I think I first tried star fruit in Hawaii, but I still find them fascinating.
The dancers who demonstrated Aboriginal dances were great, but my favorite was that little boy in the front/middle. (Look closely). Too cute.

Instead of Burger King there's Hungry Jack's.
If you ever go to Cairns, Australia I highly recommend going to Rain Forest Station. It's a one stop shop for seeing all things Australian. And when you're not there keep your eyes out for other differences such as:

-They call bell peppers "Capsicum"
-They don't dye their cheddar cheese and so it is white
-They spell tire "tyre"
-The seasons are opposite
-You don't tip. It's perfectly acceptable to go out to eat and not leave a tip at all, unless you're in a really touristy area. Strange.
-They use the metric system
-When you're waiting in a line instead of the employee saying, "Next please" they say, "Yes please"
-Gas is call petrol
-They say "Sweet as" a lot. And it drives us crazy because we're like, "Sweet as....what!?"
- They drive on the opposite side of the rode
-When you go to purchase something they say, "That will be $10.20, thank you." They say thank you even before you give them the money which is very, very polite.

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November 14, 2010 at 1:57 PM

I can't believe you even touched that snake let alone let it be draped around you!! Way to go - definitely something I would NEVER EVER do.

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