Sydney! I loved this city. It was so unbelievably nice to be in a big city again and sleep in beds! The hostel we stayed at was awesome, but I must confess that I think there were bed bugs in my bed cause I woke up with lots of bites each morning :/ Gross, huh? But this trip toughened me up, so it wasn't too big of deal.
We didn't do a very good job blending in...
Haha, this sign was awesome.
They're kitchen was awesome and came in handy for cooking some of our meals.
Made my first phone call here and had regular access to the internet, yay! Being back in touch with everyone back home was very nice!
The room I shared with Madi, Mandie and Kiersti.
How hilarious is this? Stairs = eco friendly elevator.
Harbor Bridge!
All the boys from our group.
The Sydney Opera house reminds me of the 2000 Olympics because I remember sitting in front of the TV watching them nonstop and they always showed this unique building. Was that the year I collected the Olympic coins from cereal boxes? Possibly.

Another metro to use! It was nice and pretty easy to figure out. Thank goodness for public transportation in big cities.
This really puts Australia's size into perspective when you see it compared to Europe like this.
The South Pacific was a big fan of the upside down world map so that could be top center. It is strange though to think about how we chose to view the world from the angle which we did.
We did a lot of walking, but I definitely don't walk evenly - my left sandal was almost completely worn through!And of course I had to eat at McDonalds to check out the differences.
Biggest difference I found was them using the word "brekkie" for breakfast, as shown below.

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