Sydney Part 2

While in Sydney we took a walk through the Botanic Gardens and it was refreshing to walk in a place with so many beautiful plants and flowers.

Hello little guy! It's cool to see them out in nature instead of in a zoo.

I'm guessing this tree is pretty darn old.

Went inside St. Mary's cathedral. People were pretty impressed, but I gotta doesn't compare to what you can find in England.

This random little drawing at the hostel was kinda cool.
The Sydney Opera House amazed me every time I saw it.
Isn't the bridge beautiful, especially at dusk?
Even better at night!
Tour a ferry ride and saw the opera house at night, gorgeous!
Love Mandie!
Love Talia and Holly!
Love Lisa!
It was winter there, but there were times that it was warm enough to not have to wear a jacket.
We struggle with taking pictures sometimes.
But we eventually get it right :)
Outside of the strangest museum. I was not a fan. So we took pictures while we waited for the others to come out :)

Church in Sydney was held in regular business building!
What lovely street signs.
Walking around Sydney, such a great city.

1 Response to Sydney Part 2

Lisa Spencer
December 1, 2010 at 11:56 PM

bahahaha I love the picture of us all being crazy especially blakes face. what was going on there?

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