Only in Australia AND Outback Part 2

One of the license plates on our vans was: xxx xxx. That's special.
We swam a ton in the outback and had so much fun! There were two beautiful waterfalls here but I couldn't get them in the picture unless I took my camera with me in the water which I didn't want to risk. The only bad part about this place was that we hiked about 10 trillion stairs to get back up and the fish in the water wouldn't stop biting me! It was so creepy and annoying. So I made an effort to constantly be moving, otherwise they'd come after me.
Luckily, someone else in the group got a picture of the waterfalls. Awesome :)
Went on a hike and saw this beautiful sight in Litchfield. We were supposed to have more water activities at this particular place, but couldn't due to an unwelcome crocodile lurking in the water. No one was allowed in.
Love Shannon and Lisa.
We saw these bizarre magnetic termite mounds. Magnetic in this case just means they all face one direction.
Looks like a graveyard of termite mounds.
This was a very special campsite. And not in a good way. Luckily, we were only here one night. It was not in our original plans to stay here, but because we shortened our stay in Litchfield we stayed here last minute. Oh boy. Let me quote what Eric had to say about it, "Once in Lichfield, we stayed at the Coolimina Holiday Park. Turns out that was an adventure. Holly, Leticia, and I were cleaning up dinner when the grounds keeper said, 'I can't impress upon you how important it is for you to get to bed. Once the yellow bellied snakes come out, one could bite you and you'll die in quarter of an hour.' We threw the dirty dishes into the car and ran to our tents. Everyone else was there as well. In bed at 7:00pm and up at about 7:00am. We spent 12 hours in our tents that night."
The bathroom was INFESTED with spiders at this already shady campsite. It was my own personal torture chamber because I hate spiders with a passion - I didn't take a picture inside because I didn't spend one millisecond longer in there than absolutely necessary. They were everywhere and mostly daddy long legs. It was so bad that I stopped drinking anything so I wouldn't have to go the bathroom again while we were here. How sad is that. Here is a picture of it on the outside? Do you notice something? Yes an egg sack filled with baby spiders!
Katy is seriously hilarious. People like her made the trip such a blast.
I just found these pictures on my computer and I'm not sure if they were actually taken while we were in the Outback, but I'm going to post them here nonetheless. Here is one of the places we stayed.
Dance parties in the parking lot were a regular occurrence.
Many of the vans we saw were all very creatively decorated.
Tomato Sauce = ketchup
They have Targets even in the outback!
Wouldn't it be easier just to say, "Sale"??
Instead of layaway they have layby and don't forget about enquiries.
I hope these next two signs don't offend anyone, but I was so shocked to see them in a public restroom (in the airport) that I just had to take a picture. Advertisements are much more graphic in Australia than in America.
How many different ways can you label skim milk without calling it skim? There were three versions shown at this store. Lite, slim and trim.

Our herd waiting at the airport to leave. Our luggage was getting kinda nasty at this point having been through rain, dust and sweat. The smell of it all packed in the vans wasn't very pleasant.
Next stop - Sydney. And to be honest, I think this pic was taken on the way into Darwin because our flight to Sydney was a redeye. Redeye flights can be a bit long and uncomfortable as it is, but on this flight we also got to experience what being around someone with night terrors is like. One of the other passengers would randomly wake up and scream! I remember waking up momentarily and being extremely confused by this person's outburst, but too tired to care and immediately fell back asleep.
Speaking of flying, when we flew from LA to Australia we were served breakfast and one of the flight attendants told us that they had, "run out of the cold breakfast option, but unfortunately all airplane food tastes the same." haha, I'm glad he's in touch with reality!

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