Double rainbow! Awesome! First time I've ever seen that before.
Confectionery = candy aisle.
I barely even learned what lychees were this summer, yet alone seen them canned!
Are these not the grossest snacks you've ever seen? To make it worse, the name "logs" just doesn't sound right.
What the car?
Lisa seeing what it's like to drive on the other side!
I got a turn too! But shhh, don't tell anyone Blake let us to this :) It was very strange and I hope I never have to actually drive on the opposite side of the road because I would most certainly mess up!
Most of the homes I saw in the South Pacific were very plain and simple. It could just be that we were not cruising around the more affluent areas, or perhaps it's just that they're ok with simple and don't need anything big and fancy.
Imagine 3 of these with us all packed in driving all over the north island. Oh yes.
Mandi, Lisa and I before church!
The delicious pavlova that people in our group decorated with fruit. It was delicious!
One of the things I appreciated most about this trip is that it completely displaced me from my normal life and forced me to live in a very different way and reevaluate my priorities. By 22, I think most people have established some pretty strong life perceptions, opinions, habits, traditions, routines, friendships, outlooks etc. Although many of these things might be positive, I think this study abroad was really great because it severed us almost completely from normal life and forced us all to reevaluate who we are and what matters to us in life. I'm grateful for this because although it was hard, not everyone gets this opportunity and I grew so much from it.

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December 20, 2010 at 3:33 AM

Totally agree with your last paragraph (and all the others too of course). Incredible how 6 weeks can change us so much.

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