Picture Recap of Trip to Utah

Last week Mom and I flew up to Utah and we had a great time! Here's a little picture summary of some of the things I did.

Goodbye Bakersfield.
Hello Grand Canyon!
Hello Utah Lake.
Hello Salt Lake!
One of the main reasons I came up to Utah was to go to a study abroad reunion and it was amazing! I loved seeing all of these wonderful people!
Karaoke was a ton of fun as you can tell from these pictures. Thanks to the Hills for letting us have the reunion in their home!
I laughed so much at the reunion - I don't think I've laughed that much since study abroad!
The next day I got to see Erin! I haven't seen her since June and I've missed her so much! We got Thai food with Brooke and had a great time just talking and laughing.
On Sunday morning Mom, Steph and I went to Music and the Spoken Word and then walked around temple square and went to Steph's ward afterwards. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.
Steph and I wore very color coordinating outfits unintentionally. Just a sister thing I guess.
Heard a funny joke - A priest from another church flew into Salt Lake and got a taxi to take a tour of the city. They drove past the Salt Lake temple and the taxi driver said with pride, "This temple took 40 years to build" and the priest said, "Well, we can build a cathedral in just a year." Continuing on their drive they passed another nice building and the priest asked, "What building is this?" The taxi driver responded, "I'm not sure, it wasn't there yesterday." hahaha.

The flowers around the temple are in full bloom! So gorgeous!
One morning Mom, Steph and I were trying to decide where to go for breakfast when Steph said she'd always wanted to go inside the Grand America so we called them and decided to eat there for breakfast. It was one of the fanciest breakfasts I've ever had!
It was more a brunch, than a breakfast. Everything was so beautiful and delicious.
A man came by with a cheese cart and offered the most interesting assortment of cheeses. Some of them were nutty while others had cherry and various fruit flavors. One even had a hint of lavender. They were all incredible good! And just look at how beautiful the display is.
Couldn't pass up a nutella and berry crepe :)
One evening we drove up Emigration canyon and looked at all of the beautiful fall colors at sunset.

Emily, Jake, Steph, Mom and I went out to eat at Tepanyaki which is always good. We had a great time being all together.
Mom really wanted to see the "This is the Place" monument. We had passed it the night before and I joked, "Well I think that WAS the place." We went back to it on a later day and spent time reading all of the plaques.
Steph's roommate got a new little kitty, Zoie, and Steph has fallen in love with it! It is seriously so cute. When I came over it was walking around up on her windowsill and I was petting it's tummy when it sneezed and fell off which was the funniest thing I'd seen all day (it was a very short drop so it wasn't hurt at all). It's ironic that the cat sneezed because I'm the one who is allergic to animals! Zoie has so much energy and as Steph says, "has no sense of personal space."

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