Merry Swiftmas

Monday, the day it came out, I went with Layne to Target to get the deluxe Speak Now album and it was the best idea ever! I listen to it constantly...I'm borderline obsessed.

And if you're wondering well, of course it's good, it's Taylor Swift! Her Fearless album was the biggest selling album of 2009 so she had a lot to live up to, but I think she succeeded. doesn't sound very country to me at all. In fact some of her songs remind me of something Paramore might produce. But all the music on the CD is great nonetheless, the only song I don't care for is Speak Now, ironically, seeing as how that is the name of the album.

Top Favorite songs from this album:
1. Mine - a classic Taylor song that tells a story and gets stuck in your mind
2. Haunted - there is so much emotion in this song, you feel like you're going through it
3. Last Kiss - such a sad, heartfelt, pretty song
4. Better Than Revenge - definitely pumps you up and has lots of clever lines, but I hate that she speaks in the beginning, it's so pointless
5. Sparks Fly - catchy and fun

There are so many clever lines in the song that I love. I started writing down all my favorites but it got too long so just to listen to her songs and you'll see what I mean :)

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