LA trip

For my birthday I asked to go down and spend a day sight-seeing in LA. I felt that I had not really seen as much of LA as I would like, which is ironic because it's only a 2 hour drive from our house. So Mom and I spent an entire day in LA and had an amazing time! I absolutely love LA. There is a very positive energy that I feel when I am spending time in Southern California - I just feel so happy and at home when I am there.

Getting close!

Cruising along the freeway.

Mom lived in LA until she was 12 years old. I had never seen her house before so we spent some time in her old neighborhood and she showed me around. I really liked seeing where she grew up. This is the view from their house, how beautiful!

The street they lived on.

The view of the back side of Mom's house from the playground at her old school.

Love all of the beautiful flowers everywhere. All of the homes are so unique and interesting and there are just lots of colorful flowers everywhere.

This is a house down the road from Mom's house and I took a picture because she said they used to call it the candy house. It was fun to hear Mom tell stories of all of the neighbors and the things she and her siblings used to do while they lived there.

The famous Hollywood sign, of course.

A view of the city. It was a hazy day for sure.

Mom and I both wanted to take a Star Tour - see famous areas in LA as well as celebrity homes, so we did! It was a 2 hour tour where we rode around in this open top and saw over 40 celebrity homes (although most were concealed by trees) and went to places like Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. There were about 10 of us in van and the tour guide asked where everyone was from and the other passengers were from places like Brazil, Canada and the East Coast. And then there was us from the exotic location of Bakersfield! haha. Seriously though, I've taken for granted how many cool things there are to do just in my own home state, I'm so glad we did this because it was way fun.

Driving around gorgeous Beverly Hills. You know you're in BH because there are matching trees on each side of the street. The type of trees varies, but anywhere you go in BH there are trees symmetrically placed along the sides of the street. Also notice how the palms trees alternate between fat and skinny. They do that intentionally.

This is Rodeo drive. It's outrageously expensive to have a store here, but I'm sure the places can afford it because they all sell super pricey merchandise.

Went by the famous Wilshire Blvd.

There were super nice cars everywhere! Bentley, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari. No big deal.

What a strange house!

All the street signs in Beverly Hills are in black and white and have this little logo above them.

And check out their platinum fire hydrants. Fancy Shmancy.

This is Diane Keaton's house. One of the less fancy ones for sure, but still in Beverly Hills. Someone on our tour made the comment, "Why is there a 1999 Honda in her drive way?" hahahaha. I was wondering the same thing!

Roxbury - back in the day it was a big deal to live on this street. You had really made it as a celebrity if you lived here.

We went by Michael Jackson's former house.

Apparently you could see these gates in some of the news coverage of them taking Michael away.

The back of MJ's house.

Lucille Ball's former home.

I can't remember whose house this house is, but I'm thinking Quintin Tarentino.

This is the house Dr. Phil and his wife just sold. I remember seeing some of the pictures from his house in a magazine, the backyard was gorgeous.

This is one of Anna Nicole Smith's former homes.

I don't know why this picture came out so dark, but this where they filmed the last season of the Bachelorette.

There were a lot of pretty homes owned by random people too. I really wonder what they all do to earn so much money.

The famous Viper room.

Saw all the stars. Last time I was in Hollywood it was late at night and it was a little more shady, but during the day it's quite nice!

Me standing with Grauman's Chinese theater in the background.

As part of our Star Tour we got free tickets to Madame Tussauds. Sweet!

Me with Brit Brit! Want to know what's so embarrassing? I'm wearing the exact same outfit I was wearing at the Madame Tussauds in London! What are the odds.

I had never realized just how massive Kobe is before. Love him!

They were giving away free tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel show so Mom and I decided what the heck, let's go! I don't think I've ever watched more than 5 minutes of his show but it was so awesome to be there in the live audience. They had a great pre-show and I was surprised at how much better Jimmy Kimmel looks in real life. He always seemed a bit overweight and not that attractive on TV, but he is actually in perfectly great shape and really cute in real life. Who knew?

Waiting in line for the show! I think this was the only picture we took together today.

Afterwards we went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat.

Such a fun day! Love LA and it was great to spend that time with Mom.

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October 18, 2010 at 1:54 PM

You make me want to go to LA! I grew up less than two hours away as well and yet have NEVER been. Ever. Maybe Tyler and I will do some sightseeing if we come out this Christmas.

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