Kern County Fair

It's fair time in Bakersfield!! I haven't been in 6 years so it was fun to go back! Mom, Grayson and I had a great time together.
Here we are up on the ferris wheel!

Hello Mom!
I can remember loving these slides when I was little - still just as fun! I should find the picture of Steph and I flying down them, screaming when we got air.
Grayson absolutely loved all of the sports games. I think the basketball one was a little rigged though.
Grayson actually made one of his throws into that little net! The man working there said he did much better than most.
Love the crazy mirrors in the fun house. Grayson looks like one of those toy trolls.
G and I on a ride.
Grayson is taking after me and doing the fair's version of bungy jumping.
Grayson convinced me to do car racing with him even though I'm no good at all. We played against other people and Grayson won all three times. You get a little racing flag for each win, but the last time we played there were two little boys playing with us and Grayson gave his flag to them which I thought was so sweet.
Bull riding which G says is harder than it looks.
I love how the employees dressed up as hot dogs, it cracked me up.

This pig was massive!! I couldn't get over it!

Merry Go Rounds are one of my favorite rides. They're so classic and yet a little eerie in a way. Sorry G is blurry in this one, he hates pictures so I had to snap a quick surprise one which didn't turn out the best.

Loved looking at all of the sheep, cows, chickens, and bunnies. This one looks like it's part dalmatian.

This is "monsty." Grayson has been putting him all over the house since we've been home. Just the other morning I woke up and he was standing only inches from my face.

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