I love, love, love Venice! I think it is my second favorite European city after London. It is so beautiful. Despite quickly cities are growing, Venice has stayed true to itself and not turned into a city full of fast-food, sky scrapers and chaos. I woke up before Erin one day and left her note that I was going for a walk. I took my camera, some money and just explored. They have street signs there, which is kinda cute because really, I guess, they're canal signs since there aren't any real streets. I just wandered around, grabbed some food, and then sat and just enjoyed the moment.

I sat against that wall by the steps for probably a good 45 minutes just enjoying my time here. I had to pinch myself to make sure this was all real - everything was just so perfect.

Isn't this the cutest hotel key? No cards to swipe, just a real key.
Seeing this sight completed my trip to Venice! They really do dress like I had expected on the gondolas!
He was so nice and smiled at me and he passed by. I waited till he couldn't see me before I took the picture.

This is where we stayed - Casa Peron.
Inside our hotel was this little resident parrot. He was so cute.
I actually never even saw this McDonalds, goes to show you that fast food is not a priority here.

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