One thing that I thought was odd about Rome was that very few people spoke decent English - even people who work in shops that sell primarily to tourists. Erin and I were winging our way through the city asking people for directions and help practically every hour of the day, so we talked to quite a few people and learned quickly that English is not as well known here as it is in other parts of Europe that I've been to. However, people were still generally very helpful and we seemed to understand each somehow even if I was just speaking in English and they were just speaking in Italian. I definitely should have learned more Italian myself before I went over there, but I knew that on this Europe trip I would be going to a variety of countries where different languages were spoke so it seemed daunting to memorize basics in all of the languages. I guess though, the point I'm making is NOT that everyone should learn English, but I think that people who own souvenir shops and sell foods to tourists (who seemed to typically speak English - whether from the UK, Canada or the States) should brush up on their English so that they can better communicate with their customers and increase profits. I'd for sure learn more Spanish if I owned a business that had a lot of Spanish speakers come in, it just makes sense. Ok, now that I've gotten that observation off my chest, here are some pictures of Rome!
We were standing in a line to get gelato and right in front of me was a middle-aged man wearing a charm bracelet. Why oh why?? Pretty sure every girl in America had one of these a few years back, but middle-aged men? hmmm.
Erin posing in our hostel in Rome! We stayed two days and one night in Rome. We stayed in a 6 person room in a hotel and it was interesting. A true hostel experience, but not one I would like to do again. You can see some random girl's underwear hanging up in the back and then moments after this picture was taken two Spanish boys walked in and one of them just stripped down to his whitey-tighties and laid down in the bunk next to my bed and took a nap. Erin and I looked at each other and knew that it was our time to head out. We came back late that evening and they were gone thank goodness, probably partying, but then they came back and were so noisy. It wasn't horrible, but it didn't help that the room was hot, there was water all over the bathroom floor and I woke up with bug bites. I'm glad I had the experience, and I'm sure other people have much better ones, but for hardly any more money Erin and I spent the rest of our trip in rooms with just two beds. It was nice to come back and have some peace and quiet and be able to just be comfortable and not worry about leaving your stuff in a room that strangers shared.
While Erin and I were sitting on the street corner eating our food one day we were talking about what insane drivers there are here. We took a taxi once and I was gripping my seat and holding my breath out of fear because we narrowly avoided about 10 accidents. This discussion was prompted because I observed that nobody seemed to pay any attention to what color the light was in the intersection in front of us. People were just going all directions all the time - it was absurd! (I didn't see this happen anywhere else in Rome, just this particular intersection). No more than 10 seconds later there was a minor car accident and this chick gets out of car and observes the damage and takes her sweet time handling the situation, not even bothering to move to the side of the road.

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September 2, 2010 at 10:10 AM

Oh man, Lauren. This reminds me A LOT of my Rome experience. The hostel I stayed in was CRAZY! We walked into our room and there were vodka bottles everywhere, one person in our group got kicked out of his bed in the middle of the night, there was a she-man, etc. I miss you guys! Hope you're doing well.

September 2, 2010 at 12:55 PM

Oh, your hostel experience was nothing compared to my friend! He got puked on by a drunk guy in the middle of the night.

I'm so glad you guys had a blast! I want to go back so bad!

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