The famous Trevi Fountain!
I threw in a coin and made a wish :)
I love how ironic this is - a gladiator texting. I bet phones could have really come in handy back then.
Scooters everywhere!
Oh the things you see. There was this masculine-looking man walking around holding a parasol. It was just so odd and we're not sure if he was trying to make a statement or what. Notice how he is not even in direct sunlight so it certainly can't be to block the sun.
I love looking at different countries crosswalk signs because they're all a little different.
The metro system in Rome was one of the easiest I've ever used, go Rome. It's so easy to figure out and simple to use. However, one thing I couldn't figure out is what this sign meant. No handicapped or non-handicapped people are to use the lift (aka elevator) going up or down?
We're waiting for our train to come.
Random little streets.
There are some of the nicest shops right near the Spanish Steps - I felt completely out of place walking around them, but it was fun to window shop.
Ta-da. Spanish steps with me in front looking quite disheveled. Some lady is taking a picture behind me and her arm seems to be coming out of my shoulder.
It's supposedly the longest and wide staircase in Europe. Cool to see, but they're really just a bunch of stairs with tourists hanging around.
Some pictures of the street nearby. Sometimes I like to pictures of the places around the famous sights so you can get a feel for what it's like in that area.
This is a completely random thought, but maybe somebody has an answer. Italy's real name, as in what Italians call their own country, is Italia. That's not any harder to say that than Italy, so why can't we just call it Italia? And call Rome by it's true name Roma?

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