Random France

This post is really about nothing, except to further prove that I am easily amused.

I absolutely love weird signs in other countries. We were on the train for this one, so it was a bit blurry because of the movement.
This one isn't weird, it's just to show you where you are on the line.
Careful all cartoon bunnies not to get your paw stuck in the door. I'm guessing this is a warning for children seeing as how low it is and the fact they used a cartoon.
This one is awesome. They really covered all their bases here and gave the blind man some sweet glasses. And if the man next to him really has that much trouble walking I think he should look into buying a wheelchair.
The area near our hotel was a predominantly African-(wait, they're not American, so what do I say now? African-French? Being politically correct is a challenge sometimes) area. Beauty was definitely a priority because they had a salon or beauty product store every 10 feet, but I'm hoping someone can explain this sign to me. Based on the models and the people inside I'm guessing they're not describing skin color, but what does fair and white have to do with hair or beauty?

They had some pretty sweet wigs and such, but the part that cracks me up is that they tried to get me to come in and look at them. Haha, oh boy.
Erin demonstrated what an amazing artist she is in the beginning of each of our journals, love it.

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May 23, 2011 at 3:01 PM

Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. Good job!

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