Nice is Nice

After Italy we headed to Nice. We arrived around midnight at the train station and for the first time on the entire trip I felt a bit unsafe. There were some seriously sketch people there that late - a lady with rags on her head, a man who kept his eye on us while jingling money. We considered taking a taxi to our hostel but when we found out the man jingling the money was the taxi driver we quickly ruled that out. Walking was also not a good option because it was late and it was a decently long walk so we opted for the bus. The only employee still working in the train station was absolutely no help. He said he thought the bus didn't come this late, but we saw a million people waiting at the bus stop so we figured he had to be wrong. We go outside and near the bus stop there's this little machine we assume is to buy our bus ticket. Of course it's all in French but we do our best to buy some tickets and then the bus comes. They don't check the ticket, but we're just happy to be on and away from the creepers. We get off at the right stop and make it to our hostel without any problems, luckily. I'm not sure how we even knew where we were going, but it worked. We had to laugh though, because a few days later we found out that we had not, in fact, purchased a bus ticket like we thought we did, but a parking ticket to put on a dashboard of a car at the train station! hahaha, we laughed pretty hard when we realized our mistake, but happy that the bus driver didn't notice or didn't care.

Like the true fan I am, even in France I managed to catch some of the Lakers vs. Celtics game :) Well, actually none of the TV channels in our hostel were English we were just happy to have something remotely familiar to us on TV. Go Lakers.
And like the true Americans we are, we ate at McDonalds in Nice. It was decent tasting, but too expensive, even for a kid's meal. The menus looked so different than they normally do.
And while I'm talking about fast food, I have a comment to make about Europeans and Americans. I hope I can say this in a way that makes sense. Even before I went to Europe, I was very well aware that Europeans love to point out how overweight and unhealthy Americans are, which I can understand - we are far heavier than Europeans on average. It's easy to spot American tourists in Europe because Americans do tend to be bigger compared to Europeans. We definitely love our unhealthy food (hello, can you tell I'm a fan of McDonalds?), but I'm convinced that Europeans' favorite hobby is smoking. An Irish man in Italy told me that "Europeans are born with a cigarette in their mouth." I have never seen so many smokers in my life - no wonder they stay thin! It just seems a bit hypocritical to me that they make fun of us for our eating habits/weight when they're not quite the picture of health either. Whether it's because we're fat or cause they're smokers both parties will have a hard time going up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath, whether for heart disease or lung cancer, we'll both die younger if we continue these bad habits so it doesn't seem to make sense for any of us to be pointing fingers. And this is an extremely generalized somewhat stereotypical observation - not all Europeans smoke and not all Europeans think Americans are overweight. Just like not all Americans really are overweight or healthy. This is just something I thought a lot about on the trip.
However, I definitely couldn't wait to eat some real French food so went to a legit French bakery. Oh my, it was heaven! Doesn't look like anything fancy, but it tasted wonderful.
The street by the beach, we spent a good deal of time walking along here.
Beautiful ocean of the French Riviera. Such pretty blue water.

This sign was posted in our hostel and it made me laugh - "Floor Slippy." haha, cute.

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