New York with Erin

Erin and I had a nice flight from Paris back to New York City. The ticket was super cheap because it was on an airline that got less than decent reviews however, everything ran smoothly with no problems. We sat next to the prettiest French girl who offered us Candy and translated some things that our friends had written to us. There are so many nice people in this world. When we went through customs the man said, "Welcome Home" and I felt so happy to know that yes, this great country is home to me. Because our flight arrived late at night we spent the night in a nearby hotel and then flew out the next afternoon. Although very average, our hotel room seemed so huge compared to what we had been used to staying in. We stayed up late and watched TV since we weren't tired and laughed at all the ridiculous shows on TV, no wonder Europeans think we're dumb. We finally fell asleep but woke up early and tried to see as much of New York as possible. We used buses and the subway and just like any big city it had it's good and bad parts. I thought the subway had some serious room for improvement, at least in the areas we were in. I was also surprised that I had a harder time understanding the subway workers' English than I did understanding people in Europe who speak English as a second language. That was interesting. Here are some of the random pictures I took in the nicer parts of New York.

I was not let down - NY really does have a million yellow taxis zooming around everywhere.

Here I am at a cute little cafe in New York where we had yummy food and the BEST orange juice ever. I've hardly slept, not showered and traveled from Europe to the US in the past day which definitely shows. The weird thing about this place was that they only accepted cash or American Express. We had Euros, debit cards and other credit cards, but they wouldn't accept it so I had to leave and find an ATM and come back to pay. Quite annoying. Let me just say this, if you can get around New York, Europe will be no problem at all, because it seemed we had more difficulties in NY than in other countries.

On our exploration we got a bit lost and needed to find the subway so this kind man helped show Erin the way. We definitely looked like tourists with our big bags on our backs.

The subway map is pretty extensive.

Our last picture together of the trip before we went our separate ways. I flew out of JFK and Erin flew out of another airport.

Pic from the subway before getting to JFK.

I'm so glad I got to see a little of New York. It is such an interesting city and I definitely want to come back and see a lot more of it. This time with an actual plan.

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