Legally Blonde the Musical

If you ever go to see Legally Blonde in London, go early and enter their raffle. Not too many people know about it, so you have a good chance of winning. We won and got 60 pound seats for just 25 pounds - not bad! I'm not sure if they just do it at the matinees (which is what we went to) or all of them, but go early and find out, it's worth it! My only complaint in the play is that they take the Lord's name in vain way too much. I wish more people used the word gosh. We were cracking up at the "Is he gay or European" song. So true! It was even funnier because we were in Europe and the audience seemed to really get a kick out of that. For the rest of the trip when Erin and I saw someone dressed a little femme, we'd ask, "Gay or European?" It's hard to tell sometimes! European men definitely dress differently than American men. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but right outside the theater is a huge sign that says, "She brings, charm, humor etc." I don't remember the adjectives they used, but the fact that they put a comma after "brings" was funny - does nobody believe in an editor?

Overall, not a ton of substance, but very enjoyable. It's really close to the movie, but I think I liked the play even a little better. I think it's great and worth going to - very light-hearted and has a good message.

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