I Love Nice

I took a million pictures in Nice so it's really hard for me to narrow down what pictures I'll post, but these are some of my favorites. The French Riviera is definitely somewhere that I'd like to go visit again because there are so many more things I would love to see and do. Speaking of places to go in France, I also have a new obsession with Beynac (which I have not been to). Google it and see for yourself how beautiful it is!

Read all of the English parts of this memo placed in our hostel. It made me smile.
At dinner!
We all look ridiculous in this picture.
The gingers all sat on the other side of the table together haha
I'm a tiny bit sunburned from spending the weekend on the beach. And I could not get Vincent to smile normally in my pictures, but whatever. We had some funny conversations about how European men wear things that only gay American men would wear, such as capris. Vincent and Anthony think American men are just behind on fashion and will be wearing them in a few years. I just hope speedos don't get popular in America like they are in France.
I love the glass bottles they bring the water in!
Erin looks so pretty!

Just before sunset on the beach.
This old dude was cruising along on a busy rode in Nice in an electric wheelchair! What the heck was he thinking!? Guess he wasn't.
I've mentioned before that I have this thing where I always look at the clock at exactly 10:08 and now I'm even seeing it in advertisements!

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