Hiking in Utah

Time to catch up on what happened in the 3 weeks between my trips, so the next few blog posts are from July!

Went on a hike in Salt Lake with the family and had a lovely time. Hiking isn't my favorite activity, but it was good exercise. Plus it was nice to chat while we walked and there were so many pretty views.
G on his lookout rock.
You can see S and Andy up on the rock in the distance.
View of Salt Lake Valley.
Cute little chipmunk!!

Steph in action
This was such a cute sight - Grayson sure loves Mom and always watches out for her.

Andy attempting to cross the fallen log bridge.

Utah is such a beautiful state, especially in the summer!

1 Response to Hiking in Utah

September 26, 2010 at 11:44 PM

I agree, Utah is pretty - in the summer (but I HATE cold weather)!

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