French Friends

So last year on study abroad we spent a week up in Scotland. One night some of my girlfriends and I were dancing to Single Ladies out in the common area of our hostel, just having fun, when these French boys came up and started talking to us. I was super embarrassed at first because I didn't realize anyone else had seen us dancing and because I recognized one of the guys - I had seen him around the hostel and thought he was super cute. His group of friends and mine hung out most of the night and had a really good time. They were here for a just a few days too on a school trip. Anthony, the cute one, and I clicked right away and if you go back to my Scotland pictures from last year you'll see pictures I took with him. Well, he left the next day and I thought I'd never talk to him again sadly, but that's not the case at all. We talk all the time! When I found out Erin and I were going to Europe I told him and we decided to meet up in Nice (he's from Marseille). This was the best idea ever! He brought 3 of his friends and we hung out all weekend. They are the most fun boys ever! It was also really nice being with someone who could speak French because I just relied on him to translate everything for me haha. Anthony and I still can't believe that we randomly met in Scotland and have actually stayed in touch like this, it was just meant to be.

We spent almost a whole day at the beach in Nice. It was so much fun! We went in the morning, took a break, and then came back in the afternoon. We swam far out into the ocean, laid out, and laughed a lot. These boys are hilarious! You'll notice in the following pictures that we were laughing a ton! Being around them makes me wish I spoke French. But that is a hard, hard language. Such a difference from the French you hear in a high school language class.
Anthony giving me the look that everyone gives me - why are you taking another picture!? haha, he didn't really mind. Can I just say that I wish I could get that perfect golden tan? I can get dark, no problem, but not golden. Lucky him.
Dancing or something on the beach. Everyone needs an Anthony in their life.
I'm not even sure what's going on here, but they're crazy. This is Vincent and he was a super cool guy. It's amazing how much Europeans know about America - they talked to us about American music, American TV shows and things like the BP oil spill - I think they knew more about it than I did.
Erin and I got super excited when we spotted Americans!! We were just sitting there when all of a sudden these boys in long swim trunks walked past and Erin and I were like whoa - haven't seen those in a while. We looked closer and realized that they wearing Billabong and O'Neil. Then we saw them greet a group of people with handshakes, not kisses on the cheeks. Americans for sure! But just to be positive we did a walk by and yep, they were most definitely speaking English with an American accent. They were super cute boys - definitely made America look good.
I'm not sure how I became chosen to be turned into a work of rock art, but everyone decided to cover me in rocks. They were warm from being in the sun and felt good on my back, so I didn't mind.
Green was definitely the "it" color for food in Europe. Every place had some sort of cool drink for sale.

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March 1, 2011 at 9:57 AM

Everyone needs an Anthony in their life...

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