French Dinner

On one of our last nights in Paris Erin and I strolled along a cute little street looking for a legit restaurant to have a real French dinner. All the restaurants had little menus outside that we were examining and it was hard to tell which place we should go to when, as if she had read our minds, a French lady came up to us and in pure French started explaining that we should not eat at the place we were looking at but to go down around the corner and that we should eat at this other restaurant that is "tres tres bien!" We were amazed at how kind and thoughtful she was to help us out, especially since hadn't asked, and that we miraculously understood the gist of what she was saying! We took her advice and ate at this lovely place.
Normally we ate at cheap little places to save money, but this night we went all out and gorged ourselves on yummy French food. Of course we had bread, so delicious. Erin was daring and got escargot and I decided to have real French Onion Soup for appetizers. Both were excellent.
For dinner I ordered this - I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, although I would know it if I heard it. The waiter recommended it and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite. I'm sure it was perfection to anyone who loves French cooking, but it's just not my style.
Erin ventured out into some Eastern food. The green stuff was so bizarre, but so good! I think she liked it alright, but we were both pretty full from our appetizers.
But it's not possible to be too full for dessert! We each ordered a creme brulee and it was divine. Oh my gosh, it was so perfect.
If you notice on the right-side of this picture there are two blonde women. There was an older, very pretty lady and a younger, more average looking lady. We were sitting on the other side of the glass and could easily see them during dinner- I tried not to look, but it was hard to not observe the chaos that was happening. There was crying, kissing (they were lesbians for sure), comforting, getting employees from other stores to help do who knows what. It was quite the scene. We didn't know we paid for dinner and a show!

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September 21, 2010 at 6:52 PM

gosh i miss france and all the adorable little cafes they have :)

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