Euro Disney!

Disneyland has been significant part of my life and it would have been a shame to not go to Euro Disney while in France! Well, a few years ago they technically changed the name to Disneyland Paris, but I still call it Euro Disney. It's about 20 miles outside of Paris, but there is a RER train that takes you right to it, super easy! Erin loves Disneyland and Disney World just like I do, so we were so excited to go. Plus, since we saw most of the Paris must-sees we didn't feel bad about giving up a day for this.
We were like little kids when we got to the park! It felt like we were home.
It is surprisingly similar, just smaller. The park is not as large and there are fewer rides, but still enough to fill up a day.
We walk through Sleep Beauty's castle which was great.

Saw some of the characters.

And rode some of our favorite rides! This Space Mountain is awesome! I think it's my favorite one actually.
We're so happy to be at Disneyland Paris!
Instead of the Haunted Mansion it's the Phantom Manor - how great is that?
There are a ton of similarities to the original, but enough differences to keep it interesting.
Our faces waiting to go inside Phantom Manor - pretending to be scared.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
Some tee-pees are always nice. America was definitely country-fied, but that's just fine with me.
Yes, I take pictures on rides.
One of my favorite rides ever! I've been dying to watch the movies again ever since.
How cool are these square trees?
Such a great day, if any of you love Disneyland I think it's worth it to go here for sure.

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