I know I'm jumping around a little bit here with the posting, but hopefully it's not too confusing!
Erin and I were obsessed with the ice cream on the cruise! One of the workers nicknamed us the "ice cream girls" hahahaha.
Inside the cruise ship
The virgin pina coladas on the ship were the best ever!
A really nice couple who sat next to us at dinner the whole cruise. It was fun getting to know them, we shared quite a few laughs, especially on the last night.
Here's the place where we ate dinner, it was way nice!
And the food was delicious! These pictures make it look small, but trust me - we ate so much we could hardly function afterwards!

Volcano! Those are just clouds though on top, not smoke.
The pool area was the place to be.
Especially when they had a belly flop competition going on! It was so funny to watch, everyone got really into it!
Our second formal night.
I loved this Audrey artwork they had in one of the hallways.
My hair seemed to get really long all of a sudden. I just barely cut it before graduation and then bam, it's long again so I had Erin take a picture for me.

They had cool performances everynight - this was an ice skating one.
This lady was swinging from this hoop doing all sorts of tricks on the ice rink - it was pretty impressive.

I love the animals they make on the beds! So cute!
Bahaha. I'm easily entertained.

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