Au Revoir France

I was incredibly sad to leave Europe :( If I had it my way I would have come home for a week and visited my family and friends, packed a change of clothing and come right back! Seriously.

One of the last things I bought in France was a Nutella Crepe. Heavenly goodness.
We took a walk down down Rue Cler because of Rick Steves' suggestion. He says, "Rue Cler — traffic-free since 1984 — offers plenty of space for tiny stores and their patrons to spill into the street. It's an ideal environment for this ritual to survive and for you to explore. The street is lined with the essential shops — wine, cheese, chocolate, bread — as well as a bank and a post office. And the shops of this community are run by people who've found their niche: boys who grew up on quiche, girls who know a good wine."
It was a nice place to walk down, but I think he built it up more than it was - there are a lot of streets in Paris equally as good in my opinion.
I love flowers so much. I wish I could buy them all!
Fresh fruit everywhere.
Some cute and interesting little berries. I think they might be currants.
One more foreign sign picture.
We had some extra time before we had to get to the airport and so we sat at a quaint little park and just enjoyed beautiful Paris before we had to leave.

What an amazing trip this was! Everything went so smoothly and even though a lot of our plans were last minute everything worked out just right. Europe feels like my second home and I would go back this very second if it were possible. We met the nicest people, ate the most delicious food and saw some absolutely gorgeous sights. Plus, it was so amazing to be there with my sweet sister Steph and of course my best friend Erin. I felt like we were a walking comedy act, something funny happened almost constantly to us. Oh it's so wonderful. Please, please go. Don't expect anything - just keep your mind open and be flexible. That is probably my biggest piece of advice, be flexible in your planning and when you are there! You can't anticipate months in advance how you'll feel each day when you travel or what places you'll really love or not care for, so leave some room in your schedule to make adjustments so you can maximize your experience. And when you're there feel free to change your plans mid-day, explore a little, get lost and try new things. So totally worth it. Oh I could talk forever about Europe - I've already posted a ton on it, but I feel like I just scratched the surface.

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September 22, 2010 at 2:37 AM

Lauren it looks like you are having such an awesome time!! I am so jealous and miss you- wish you would be here for the reunion :(

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