4th of July

Still catching up on blog posts. Had an amazing 4th of July. Went to the Stadium of Fire with these two cute boys and saw Carrie Underwood perform! Her voice is so incredible and she has the cutest personality! Hearing her sing How Great Thou Art was very touching.

Before Carrie came on they had some other entertainment.
Fantastic fireworks of course.
On of the fireworks went amiss though and supposedly burned someone, uh-oh!

Then with Josh's family we had our own firework show. Grayson was in charge of fireworks and you really tell how much he loved doing it.
Steph and I relaxing while we watch fireworks.
I LOVE sparklers! I felt like a little kid waving them around.
Andy got creative with the sparklers too.
Of course I had to do a heart.I'm so grateful to live in this free country and am very proud to be an American citizen!

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October 4, 2010 at 4:54 PM

Hey you didn't tell me you were flying into NY on your way home from Europe! I totally would have come to meet you and Erin in the city- it's very close to my house! Tisk Tisk Tisk. J/k i know you didn't have much time but you totally should come back and do more stuff there in the future and invite me!

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