Summertime Snacks

This whole post is dedicated to food! Here I am with my insanely beautiful friends Alyssa, Marit and Kendis at this amazing new restaurant in Provo called La Jolla Groves. What a beautiful place to eat and such good food! It hadn't officially opened when we went so that was kinda cool to be one of the firsts to eat there.
Of course I had to take pictures of our food.
At Olive Garden with Mom, Grandma and Aunt Heidi! We always have a girls lunch here and this last time we spent no less than 4 hours visiting! It's always so much fun.
On another night Mom, Dixon, G and I went to Outback. Super good and it seemed fitting to here since I was about to leave for the actual outback.
This is a McDonalds in Bakersfield. Shouldn't that read closed for demolition?
In Provo after Thai food with two of my favorite people! Love these London friends so much!
Getting shaved ice with Kiara! We had so much fun! She totally cracks me up!
Her shaved ice spilled not once, but twice! We were laughing so hard!
It looked like there had been a bloody fight after we left!
We also went and got some Thai Chicken Pizza just around the corner which was really good!
On another day after seeing Toy Story 3 Kiara and I got Wendy's, but it was too cold inside the restaurant so we just took our trays out to the grass! Perfect!
The following food adventures involve Brandon. So on this night we had the genius idea to get Olive Garden bread sticks and alfredo to go which is fantastic because it's delicious and incredibly cheap - score. Only problem was that we were afraid the food would get cold by the time we got home so we walked outside, noticed Cafe Rio had outdoor tables and ate there!
I'm not sure if this was the same night or another, but we were feeling hungry and creative and made banana bread with strawberry icing. I was totally hesitant about strawberry icing, I didn't think it would work, but I'm glad he went through with it because it was delicious.
Brandon shares my love of food, which is partially why we are such great friends. One night when we watched a movie he so kindly made a little cheese and grape platter! I think I was more focused on the food than the movie because it tasted so good!
He also bought this amazing blender and we had a smoothie night - it got a little out of control and we had to pour it all into pans!
When we don't feel like baking we just head to the cute little cupcake bakery and pick up treats like these. They're almost too cute to eat!

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