We took a night train from Rome to Venice which was pretty cool. Not the best sleep of my life, but we saved a ton of money and time by doing it. We arrived very early in the morning in Venice and had no idea where our hotel was. We somehow managed to converse with the few locals who were awake and found out way to our hotel. I absolutely loved Venice. One of my very favorite European cities for sure.

I love that these men steering the gondola actually look the way I always imagined. However, gondola rides were 80 Euros per person so Erin and I didn't go for a ride. Instead we took the public transportation for 6 Euros :)

We had some deliciouso Italian food there in Venice of course! And the bakery next door sold delicious food for almost nothing! And there was pizza down the road for practically free as well. You can definitely find great deals on food if you just keep your eyes open.
It was nice to not hear the sound of traffic, just water.
They are really into costume masks in Venice.

I spent one morning walking around just exploring the city. It was so enjoyable and I loved saying ciao and gratzie everytime I left a store. English was definitely not as prevalent here as it is in other countries, but we were able to get around just fine.
Now this is what I imagine Europe to look like. It felt so authentic and was so beautiful. No skyscrapers or fast-food joints, just the real deal.

I brought 4 pairs of shoes to Europe and only one pair survived. These are not that pair. They were great and I got a lot of use out of them, but there was zero support and I felt every single rock under my feet and I couldn't take it anymore, so they got retired.

We were in Venice 2 days, but I could have spent more time there - it is beautiful and I highly recommend going here!

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July 19, 2010 at 3:05 PM

Venice is definitely my favorite city in Europe, well, so far =)

When we went in 2003, the gondolas were 80 euros a person too, I guess inflation doesn't apply to gondola rides lol

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