On our first full day of the cruise we stopped in Sicily! We left Messina and went to Taormina on a bus. Taormina was beautiful - I realized how much I was going to love Italy after spending a few hours in that little town. Here are some pictures of our time there.

So pretty and romantic.
Is this beautiful or is it beautiful? I want a home one day with a balcony that has pretty plants just like this.

Random sidenote: On the back of our bus pass to Rome it literally said: "Is strictly forbidden to carry any fiammable, noxious or dangerous materials. Ticket has purchased for fiscal matter so please keep it during all your journey." There are so many English fails in those two sentences, but I got a good laugh out of it. It makes sense, but you'd think on something like a bus ticket they'd have someone edit it for them to be in proper English.

After having a good walk around the town, Erin and I went down a little side street, found a nice place to sit and just relaxed and read. Oh and the weather was perfect - sunny with a little breeze.
Everywhere I go I see people getting hitched!!
When Americans try to speak Spanish - aka Spanglish, we typically just add an "o" to every word. Well I think if you're trying to speak Italian, just add an "i" to each word. That is for sure their favorite letter. Everything has an i! Also, when pronouncing words I wanted to say everything with a Spanish accent or use Spanish words, so it threw me for a loop to try and figure out Italian. I'm not very good at it.
How awesome is this colored pasta? It totally would've gotten crunched in my bag had I purchased it, but I thought it was really cute.

We were really hungry so we found a little gelato place and I went up to the counter, pointed to a flavor and said, "Excuse me, what flavor is this?" Next thing I know she's got a cup in her hand and is dishing me out a big scoop of it. Alrighty then. I don't think she spoke a word of English. Good thing it tasted good!

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