Reality TV

“The only reality in reality TV is that you are sitting there in front of a glass screen!”

When Erin and I arrived back in the US we were excited to turn on the TV and actually hear English! However, the only remotely interesting shows on TV were reality TV shows. We watched one about really young, irresponsible guys preparing to become Dads and some date from heck and then on the flight back to Utah I watched some Real Housewives of NYC. Holy cow. They know how to suck you into these shows, but they also suck the life out of you. At first I was surprisingly intrigued by some of them, but then afterwards I just thought, Wow, what a major waste of my life watching someone else's drama-filled life. I haven't turned on the TV since and I don't feel like I've missed too much. I saw this little quote while ago and it came to my mind after watching all those shows. I really hope people in other countries don't judge Americans by what they see on TV because it is certainly not everyone's wonder we get a bad reputation sometimes.

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