The Many Faces of Stephy

I just love this little girl to pieces. I couldn't help myself and took a whole bunch of pictures of her while traveling one day in the Middle East. Not sure how she's gonna feel about me posting all of these, but she's just too cute, I couldn't resist.
She is literally thinking, "Hmmm."
This is a pretty classic Steph face! It's pretty much "The Look." She wasn't posing for this photo, this was her way of telling me -stop with the pictures! I'm not a good listener.
Cute dimples.
In her mind she is thinking - I'm smiling because maybe if I smile one more time Lauren will get a good picture and be satisfied and I won't have to pose any more for her.
I'm stealin' some of your foods, k thanks bai! (If anyone besides Steph gets this I'll be super impressed).
I'm cute and I know it.
Why did Love Never Dies ever have to happen? For Pete's sake, why?
She has such a pretty profile and beautiful skin.

Love you Stephy! Thanks for letting me take lots of pictures of you!

1 Response to The Many Faces of Stephy

July 15, 2010 at 10:59 PM

steph kitteh's stealin sum ur fuds. kthxbai

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