Formal Night

Aside from high school dances there are not many occasions to get really dressed up. This is why I love the formal nights on cruises so much! However, it was slightly more challenging bringing formal attire while backpacking through Europe but we did it. I carried this little black dress and a curling iron with me the entire five weeks just for this! That is commitment.

Heading down to dinner - we always showed up like 10 minutes early. I'm not even sure why, but we did!
Took a picture with the ocean behind us.
Sitting at dinner. They served us such amazing food, I was totally impressed. The prime rib I had was so good and the all of the bread - mmmm.
Wow, there are a lot of pictures of us in this post that all look pretty similar. Sorry, just keep scrolling through, you're almost done.
I don't have a picture of our waiter, but he was a very nice man and an incredible waiter. However, even though Erin and I clearly told him our names, he continued to switch them up the rest of the trip. It was secretly so funny to us because we'd catch ourselves accidentally responding to our own names and he probably thought we were such dumb Americans, didn't even know our own names! But it was far enough into the week that we felt bad correcting him so we just went with it. So at dinner I was Erin!
And another thing about our waiter - anytime we said thank you he said without fail, "Pleasure." I must have heard him say it a 100 times a night, I can't hear that word now without thinking about him haha.
It was so fun to get dressed up and just relax and take it all in. On the cruise our biggest disappointment was when the ice cream machine was closed. However, in all reality, because of the strikes happening in Athens we almost didn't get to stop there and they told us we might be rerouted. But luckily that didn't happen and all went according to plan!

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