Middle East

I think this post concludes my Middle East portion of the trip.

Dad works with a really nice man named Khalid and he and his wife, Abeer, had us over to breakfast at their house one morning. It was a meal fit for a king! They served us the most delicious food - I had seconds and thirds of most of the dishes! It was great to try some new foreign food and even better to find out how much I like it! And I also enjoyed using my hands to eat most of it. Khalid and Abeer made us feel very welcome and were so kind to invite us over, it was one of the highlights of the trip for me. They also entertained us with some hilarious stories.

Here we are with Paula, Abeer, Steph, Dad and me in their beautiful house.
And now Paula and Khalid switched places so here is picture number 2.
This picture shows a lot of the food we ate, but doesn't even show all of it! We also had a few kinds of bread and they also brought out pancakes for us at the end, which was so thoughtful. Mmm, my mouth is watering as I write this, I wish I could have some more!
Here is a picture I took of a Mosque as we were driving by, I thought it looked pretty at this time of night.
Blurry, but the sky is a gorgeous color.
Steph loves Chili's and it's even cooler seeing it written in Arabic.
Krispy Kreme just screams America and yet here it is written in Arabic all the way in Bahrain. I guess I just like seeing the combination of cultures. I love the food in Bahrain as mentioned earlier, and apparently they like ours as well!
Never ever thought I'd get close enough to Saudi Arabia to see a sign for it on the road. We drove half way out on the causeway towards Saudi Arabia, but visitors are not allowed to go all the way into the country. As you can tell from the sky the sand had really blown around quite a bit and made it appear overcast.
Camels! So great. Steph struggled to get my face in the picture, but hey at least you get a clear shot of the camel!

They were very friendly, but it was surprising just how big they are!
Dad and Paula have this beautiful pool in the community they live in. It's so pretty with its little mosaic patterns and dark blue tile.
Sat out here one afternoon and alternated between laying out, reading and swimming.
Bebe Stephy. Hey that suit looks familiar...wonder who gave it to you?
Classic! Dad and Paula kindly took us to McDonalds since I wanted to experience what it would be like in the Middle East. I have this thing where I like to go to McDonalds in different countries and see the differences. McDonalds is an American staple and will always serve the basics, but the menu varies surprisingly from country to country. Sometimes they have mozzarella sticks, other times lots of seafood. It's not that I particularly love McDonalds food, but I just think you can get a really good feel for what a particular country's preferences are quickly by just stepping into a McDonalds. (I'm sure I looked so strange taking a picture of the menu haha).
I was not disappointed - they serve McArabias! How great is that?? Of course I ordered it. And it was very good!
The airport we flew in and out of!
Me with Dad at his office! It was fun to see where he works!
Hello sir.
I believe this is the King, his son and his brother. Lots of pictures of them around.
Went to the grocery store with Dad! I liked the little carts they use so I took a picture of him using it.
Fluff! Maybe they make this in the US, but I just liked it.
They have HUGE candy aisles! This is my kind of country, I love sugar! And apparently they do too. Dad and Paula said that there are lots of diabetic clinics around...not so surprising after witnessing their love of candy.

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