Madame Tussauds

Steph was out with her friend, Heather, and Erin and I were going to go visit the British Museum, but we'd been hearing a lot about Madame Tussauds and decided to check it out instead. We got there though and it was like 25 pounds, which is a lot of money, so we almost left, but then I was like, well we're already here, we'll probably never go back, let's just try it. And we loved it! We had so much fun in there walking around! Plus Erin and I love to keep up on our celebrity gossip so I think we loved it even more the most. And inside they even have this haunted house that legitimately scared us! They also have a little ride about the history of London which was cool.
Britney!! I was soooo excited!
They even had people like Van Gough there!
Hello Prince William! I think he only has eyes for Kate.

What girl doesn't just love Audrey?

Add ImageSo I don't totally love Tom Cruise, but I thought he looked really realistic!

Johnny freaking Depp, we love you!!
Yeah, I'm ready to start directing, move over Steven.
Gosh, in these pictures they kinda look fake but in person they looks so real!
I don't really like JT that much, but I was surprised at how tall he is!

This is a terrifying picture of me, but I'm mocking all the "twi-hards" out there. bahaha.
Hello Edward darling, I mean Robert.
Erin and I had a blast and I'm so glad that we went! Best wax museum I've ever been to!

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June 25, 2010 at 12:40 AM

Hey Guys,

There must be such a buzz in Hollywood. All of those famous people were so lucky to have their pictures taken with you two!!!

I can't wait to get the scoop in People magazine about you guys.


Kenny and Bev

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