Luck of the Irish

We wanted to see the beautiful Irish countryside so we went to the tourist office and signed up to go on a Paddywagon bus tour up to Northern Ireland. It was a long day on the bus, but well worth it to see all of the sights. Our tourguide, Troy, was a crackup. I told Erin that I think he must have a prescription for a very high dose Adderall (medicine for ADD), and Erin said, "No, he's just Irish." haha. That was true - they're all so spunky and energetic.
The windows on the bus gave everything a blueish tint.
She's learned from the best :)
Interestingly enough, I have Irish heritage and Erin doesn't. Even though her name and hair color would lead you to believe otherwise.
Aww sisters :) I went back to my old ways and edited this picture - this post was a little green and I needed to add some variety.
It was cool to go up into Northern Ireland - we had to pull out our pounds all over again. There is so much beautiful scenery up there, I think if I were to go back I'd spend more time in Northern Ireland.

How gorgeous!

I've heard frequently that Europeans are not fond of Americans, but I didn't get that vibe at all. I've heard of Americans putting Canadian flags on their backpacks to lead people to believe they're Canadian, but I think that's kinda ridiculous. There's no hiding the fact that I'm an American - I don't look, dress or even act very European, and I'm proud to be an American! But despite what I'd heard everyone was so nice to me all over Europe. When people asked where I was from I told them California and almost always they said, "Lucky!" "I'm jealous!" 'I wish I could go there!" or something positive like that. Europeans are sure current though on their US politics - they wanted to know my opinions on Barrack and the oil spill and all that. I tried to avoid too many political conversations, but I was impressed with how knowledgeable they were about our country.

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