Lovely London

Oh London, how I love you. After a full day of exploring and sightseeing Steph and Erin went back to the hotel to lay down and take a break before we went to see a play in the evening. Instead of hanging out at the hotel I grabbed a blanket and headed to Hyde Park. I think I have mentioned how much I love it, just maybe. What surprised me though was how packed it was! People were everywhere! Friends sitting around talking and laughing, boys throwing frisbees (one which hit my hand), and families having picnics. This picture below doesn't do it justice, but Hyde Park is BIG and people were everywhere! It was fun to see so many people gathered together having such a good time and enjoying this beautiful place.

I found a nice little place of my own and laid down and savored the moment. This was my view as I laid on my back looking up.
Now this is the life.
I also had to take a picture of my new purse. The shopping in London is incredible, I had to use a lot of restraint to keep from buying more!
S and E on the tube!
This cool picture was up at the Charing Cross tube stop and Steph posed for me in front of it haha.
We went to a pub of course! I'm wearing a scarf, but not because it's cold. I'm a stubborn and I figured if I packed one all the way over here, I'm gonna wear it! My friend Amber from study abroad last year gave it to me :)
Look all this good pub food! I asked our server what she'd recommend and she gave me a really good British dish, but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called. I really tried to eat foods unique to whatever country I was in while traveling.
Erin's artwork on the napkin. It gave us a good laugh.
This is such a weird picture, but if you have ever been to Primark you will totally and completely understand. Primark is like a Forever 21 on crack. The place is swarming with people and the lines to the dressing rooms at least 35 people deep. So what does everyone else do? Try on their clothes in the store! I think this is totally tacky, but I really needed to find another dress and with no time to waste I just stood by the bras and threw on dresses over my clothes! This little number was something like 12 pounds, not too shabby! The exchange rate while we were there was about 1.5, so it turned out to be like 18 dollars.
There were elephants painted differently all over London.
At Leicester Square.
Little squirrel friend! I wish I had some food for him! He was so friendly and came right up to me.
Enjoying the view at Kensington Gardens early in the morning (this was on another one my trips over to the park - I can't stay away!)
Outside of the Orangery.

Early the morning there were very few people here except for a few joggers and people walking their dogs.
A little pond.
Hello me.

I think all of these pictures give you a good idea of just how much I love this park.
Westminster Abbey. My 3rd time here - what a cool place.

Resting while at the Abbey.
I took Erin and Steph to Regents Park because last year I saw thousands of the most gorgeous roses ever, but they weren't in bloom yet this year! I guess May was too early, darn it. It's still a really pretty park to walk around though.
Enjoying a little rest from all of our walking. My feet were dying.
Isn't she a beauty?
The squirrels loved Erin too!
Bye friend! Next time we'll bring you food!
Big Ben - classic.
Creme brulee from Harrods! Oh how I love this affordable treat. Their food section is unbelievable. But don't try to drink your bottled water while walking around - they'll tell you it's not allowed.

Buckingham Palace! Prince Charles had just finished presenting some awards and we got to see the recipients of these awards walking out which was pretty cool. PS. If the Union Jack is flying above the palace that means the Queen is home!
Stephy and Erin

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