Love Never Dies...Needs to Die

For those of you who haven't heard, Love Never Dies is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. We saw it while in London and it's horrible. Steph or Erin pointed out that in the original the Phantom warns about, "a disaster beyond your wildest imagination" and we think he must have been referring to the sequel. I do not know what Andrew Lloyd Webber was thinking by agreeing to this, but they ruined a classic. Phantom of the Opera is mysterious, classy and enchanting. Love Never Dies is cheesy, bizarre and ridiculous. The original ends nicely and there is no reason to add on to it. Steph, Erin and I were cringing throughout the whole thing and just in total shock. There is no continuity between the original and the sequel. It's as if all the characters had personality transplants and went crazy. Poor Stephy has been a "phan" of Phantom since she was 9 and watching them ruin it was almost too much for her. I have been listening to Phantom ever since I was little - Mom would sometimes play it while she was cleaning the house and I've seen it about 5 times, so I'm very attached to it and therefore very disappointed by the sequel.

Let me just say, that if it were a play entirely separate from Phantom, it would be passable. I would still dislike the carnival corniness (Coney Island, really?) and still be completely boggled by the skeleton playing heavy metal (which I thought was a monkey the entire time), but I wouldn't completely hate it, I'd just not care for it. But as a sequel to one of the greatest and longest running musicals in the world? Definitely a bad idea. Who the heck was supporting this decision? I don't think a sequel is necessary, but if there were going to write a sequel, then at least have it be consistent with the original. This was not. I will say, however, that there are a few nice songs. Andrew Lloyd Webber knows how to write music and some of it was pretty nice. In fact, I even bought "Beneath a Moonless Sky" on itunes. Steph joked that she was upset that I was patronizing it haha. And I sort of enjoyed the song, "Devil Take the Hindmost." Christine wears some really pretty dresses, which is a plus. So it's not all horrible, it's just mostly the plot that's a disaster. Read on if you want to know why.

Warning: Spoilers to follow.
Christine and Raoul have a child - Gustav.
Nice Raoul turns into an alcoholic who is mean, disinterested in his son and wastes all the family's money.
Sweet Meg and her Mom, Madame Giry, follow the Phantom to Coney Island and Meg becomes somewhat obsessed with the Phantom and wants him to notice her more than anything. But of course he doesn't because he loves Christine. And Meg's outfit choices lean on the scandalous side.
Madame Giry seems to have turned to the dark side at times in the play.
Raoul and Christine come to New York because the Phantom wants Christine to sing.
As Steph pointed out, the Phantom of the Opera is not the mysterious man he once was - he even opens his own doors in the sequel. He's just like some dude with a mask now.
Gustav is actually the Phantom's son, not Raoul's.
In the end, Meg shoots and KILLS Christine. What the??? Sweet, little ballerina Meg who used to be Christine's best friend murders her. That's just wrong.

We saw the original just the night before we saw the sequel so the differences in personalities and theme seemed especially obvious. I'm just going to pretend that story ends with the original and I really don't recommend seeing this play.

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June 30, 2010 at 3:17 PM

From what I know about LND, and it's as much as can be known without seeing it, I agree with you completely.

The only thing....I want to believe and remember the ending of the story as the ending of the original show, but unless something major happens, LND will be playing in NYC a few streets over in a few month as it is in London, and it will quite probably going to Australia and touring--while the POTO tour ends in November.

Unless the Broadway critics destroy it, LND will be around and in our faces while POTO is being diminished to the three standing productions---as long as they last.

June 30, 2010 at 7:43 PM

The Love Should Die team commends you for speaking out against this monstrosity of a sequel created by Lloyd Webber.

Phantom Needs NO Sequel!

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