Heading East

Our flight from Dublin to Rome was supposed to be 3 hours, so around the 2 hour mark I looked out the window and thought this is probably France, but it sure looked a lot like what I imagined Italy to look like. Sure enough, it was Italy! Our flight was an hour shorter than planned. I was surprised though at how much Italy really looks like all of the pictures I've seen. These pictures were taken after I had that discovery and we were much closer to the airport, so they look a little less like it, but you can still get the idea.The next part of our adventure involved taking a cruise around the Mediterranean. I know this sounds a little lavish for backpackers, but honestly it was so much cheaper to cruise Greece, Turkey, Crete and Sicily than if we had flown individually to each country. Plus we then would have had to get hotels and food which would have added up. We found a good deal on a great cruise line and saved a ton while still seeing the countries we wanted to see. Plus I think it was safer this way - Greece is having some issues and I'd rather not be in the midst of that.
When we landed in Rome we saw a man holding a sign that said Royal Caribbean so we were excited, maybe they could take us to the ship's port! It turns out, they could for about a 100 bucks each! Heckkkkkkkk no! Sure, it would have been easy, but we were not about to spend that kind of money just to get to the boat, so we did it the harder but more cost-efficient way. We found a bus that took us from the airport to City Center, then from there we found the train station and then found a train that took us to Civitavecchia and then from there we walked a ways down a road until we came to the buses that took us the cruise ship. It was not only a lot of walking (which is significantly harder in the heat and with all your belongings on your back), but mentally challenging because we were hard-pressed to find an Italian who spoke reasonable English and there were no good information desks. It's a miracle we were able to decipher Italian well enough to get where we needed to go. Somehow we did it though. We were so exhausted that on the train ride we just passed out. Seriously I put my head down and was out in a second. All in all, we only spent about 20 euros to get from the airport to the cruise port, which was a huge savings, plus we were so satisfied with our ability to navigate our way around a country neither of us had been to before and in an a language that we didn't speak at all.

We finally made it! My bed was the one on the left. I'm extremely proud that for I fit FIVE WEEKS worth of belongings in that bag. I know back in the day I didn't use to be the best packer, but that has all changed! In fact, when they weighed my bag at the very end of the trip in New York, it was right around 25 pounds. How the heck I managed to fit all my stuff in there is a mystery to me. And thanks again to Alie Jones for letting me borrow the bag - it is amazing! I don't think I'll ever be a heavy packer again - it is a great feeling to know that you can carry everything you need on your back and be resourceful. Having a lot of luggage is more of a headache than it is worth.
Our ship!

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June 30, 2010 at 10:41 PM

So I guess the 4th year hike of Girls' Camp was good practice!! =)

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