After London we took a short flight to Dublin, Ireland! As you can tell, it's just as green and beautiful as we hoped it would be! Things I will remember most about Ireland: how pretty the countryside is and how nice and funny the people are. On one of our first days there E, S and I stopped on the sidewalk to look at our map and figure out where we were going when all of a sudden this nice guy with braces comes up and asks if he can help. The Scottish and Irish are just the nicest people I've ever met. We really appreciated it.

I enjoyed Dublin, but enjoyed our trip to the countryside even more. After a while, a city is just a city. And they're all becoming so Americanized - McDonalds, Burger Kings and Subways galore. However, I do have to say that a few days into Ireland I didn't want any more Irish food, I wanted something from home and so Subway totally saved the day. So on one hand it's very nice to be able to go somewhere that you are familiar with and order exactly what you want, but on the other hand, it's a bit sad - all of these American places seem to take away from the uniqueness and authenticity of a city (that sentence sounds weird, but I didn't really know how else to phrase it).
We took a bus from the airport to our hotel and there was this weird kid sitting next to me listening to his music loud enough for half of the bus to hear and singing along to a song that had to do with licking lollipops. It's was disturbing.
We needed a few supplies such as shampoo, so we popped into a little store and instead found the world biggest fake tanning section! It was even bigger than what the picture shows, but someone was standing to the left and I didn't want to get them in the picture. Anyhow, everyone in Ireland is SUPER fair - I'm not even all that dark and I stood out like a sore thumb, so it was funny that they have so much tanning lotion - you'd think with how fair their skin is that it would look really fake on them, but who knows.
A nice little Irish street that we explored.
Instead of saying "rent" they say "to let." In Bahrain Paula pointed out that it looks like toilet at first glance and it really does. Everytime I see it, I think - toilet.
Haha, harsh! But I like it, good public health message.
I love finding little flower or fruit markets!
I ordered a hamburger and it came with an egg on top! That's something you don't see every day! At this place we each used like 10 little ketchup packets and decided that we're going to create large ketchup packets one day and our company will be name LES (for our names) and our slogan will be, "You get more with LES" bahahaha.
Yum! The fruit is better than expected in Europe.
All of the pubs have such clever little names, I love it.
This picture is for Steph - we missed them by just a month.
Miami Melt in Ireland. Gotta love it.
During one of my last weeks at school I was sitting on a bench in the RB talking to Mom about the trip and our plans and when I got off the phone a girl nearby said she overheard our conversation and started talking to me about it. She was in Ireland last year and gave me lots of great recommendations of things to do and one of them was to walk down Grafton street so we did! There are seriously so many nice people in this world, I'm constantly pleasantly surprised.
While walking around we stopped in a department store and on the loud speaker where they were playing music we heard a cough and in a nanosecond of hearing that cough Erin said, "That's Zac Efron!" And she was right, it was part of a High School Musical song. I was shocked she recognized his voice from a cough, but that's Erin for you!
Nice 'n' Toastie - for some reason Steph and I thought that was funny.
Another view of a street in Ireland.
This picture was taken at Trinity College right before we went to see the Book of Kells. I'd heard good things about the Book of Kells, but really it wasn't worth paying to see. I'd skip it next time, but now at least I can say I've seen it.
Another very Irish meal.
Deep fried Mars Bars! If you go to Ireland try them! But be warned, you might become addicted! We really wanted one more on our last night, but didn't start searching for them until really late and we could not find them anywhere! All the kitchens had closed which was was pretty tragic. So we ended up at a McDonalds where a homeless guy wanted to buy a hat from from the people at the counter. However, the employees at McDonalds couldn't understand him and we thought geez, if Irish people can't understand people talking in their own accent, how are Americans supposed to figure it out!
I didn't edit this photo at all, but the clouds look fake to me. Pretty.
Proof I was in Dublin!
The Irish, like the British, all have a great sense of humor. Every time we left a place someone would tell us, "Go out and have a drink for me!" And Erin said, "If I had a drink every time someone told me that I'd be perpetually drunk!" We got talking to a guy who worked at our hostel and he told us the same thing - to go out and have a drink for him and I said, "Well, actually I don't drink." He looked at me like I was a little crazy and then said, "Well that's a waste of a good liver!" and then laughed. Haha, oh the Irish, I love them.

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