I See London

We went and saw Wicked twice while in London and Steph and Erin fell in love with it. I am so glad! In the last year I have seen it 5 times, if that gives you an indication as to how much I love it. The Apollo Victoria theater treats students the best - you can go anytime during the day to purchase your discounted student tickets and the seats are fantastic! Every time I've always ended up with great seats, which I think does make a difference when watching a play. The music is great, the message inspiring and the costumes dazzling.

Steph and Erin with Elphaba. She was so amazing, I was extremely impressed. One of the best Elphabas I've seen/heard. Although she looks completely different without her green makeup!
Epic fail. Sorry Steph. But really, to be honest, he is sooooo much more attractive in the play with all his makeup on than in real life.
Classic. Not like I really care all that much seeing as how I've never read Harry Potter (I know, I am the last person on earth to have not read it). But Erin and Steph needed to see it, so we went and took pictures.
How delicious does this burger look? I ordered it at a little cafe and it was so yummy plus it looks nice.
Notice how it says "thick shakes." You might wonder why they wrote that, because shakes are always thick in America, but that is so not the case in Europe. Over there shakes are basically chocolate milk and it's incredibly disappointing. But this place is definitely knows how to cater to their American customers.
We love that on the back of this ice cream truck it says, "Mind that child!" Well snap snap. I've come to really like using that word. They definitely have a different vocabulary over there. Instead of saying something is not allowed they say it is "forbidden." That sounds so intense. It's not "smoking is not allowed" or "smoking is prohibited", it's "smoking is FORBIDDEN!" And the amount of smoking that occurs in Europe is a whole other story. (And here is a thought - when I originally wrote that sentence I wrote nother because that's how I would say it, but apparently that is not word. weird). Anyhow, mind that child! while getting ice cream.
Everywhere I go I see people getting married or engaged. Of course it happened while in London too.
Here I am in front of Tower Bridge! I always want to call it London Bridge, but it's not.
Here is the Tower of London. I think this is a great place to go if you are visiting London. You learn about London's past in an interesting way. Plus they mention it in the new Robin Hood movie and it's kinda cool to know that you were there.
Hello guard. I feel very bad for you because I was roasting in my shorts, I can't imagine how hot you must be in that outfit.
This is the last ax used to behead someone in London! And the actual chopping block! Yikes! They have a really cool torture section. It's sickening and yet fascinating in a strange way. I can't imagine ever inflicting even the worst person with torture, it's just cruel.
So last year I was taking a picture of this exact same thing and I got in trouble for using my camera, but this year they could care less! In fact, a lot has changed at the Tower of London since last year - things have been moved around and are in different places
I guess if you put the backsides of all the new change together it forms this shield.

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