First Day in London

Backtracking and uploading pictures from the beginning of the Europe portion of the trip is going to be challenging because there is so much I have to sort through, but I will try and do my best! For me, this blog is just basically a journal that I can insert pictures into, but I try to add interesting facts or information for everyone else who reads this, but my captions might be lacking on these posts because of the massive amounts of blogging I have left to do, but I'm gonna try!

Anyhow, after Bahrain, Steph and I flew to London. It was an 8 hour flight, but it went by so quickly!! We seriously didn't want to get off the plane because we were so engrossed in what we were each watching on the mini TVs in front of us. We did finally "disembark the aircraft" and stood in a 10 mile long line at customs which was not the greatest, but the guy who stamped my passport was so friendly and chatty and instantly reminded of one of the many reasons why I love England so much - the wonderful people.

I really don't remember why I took a picture of this building, but it looks exactly like the hotel we stayed at. Hmmm, maybe it is? Anyhow, all the buildings in the Notting Hill area are so gorgeous, I'd move into any of them in a heartbeat.
Welcome to Hyde Park. One of my very most favorite places in the entire world. I came here multiple times during our trip. As soon as I get here everything in the world just makes sense and I feel so happy.
S and I sitting near the pretty gardens in Kensington Gardens.
Gorgeous or what? Whoever designed this is genius, it's absolutely beautiful.
I'm one of the tube's biggest fans, but it seems to have something against me. We were only in London for 1 week, but in that time my Oyster card was canceled twice! Nobody could figure out how or why. One of the nice supervisors working at the tube had sympathy for me and let me come into his office and call the Oyster Card people to fix my problem. It was an enormous hassle and we never did get the problem totally resolved, but the situation was significantly better thanks to Brian, the supervisor. He gave me a free temporary pass and said that he "broke every rule in the book" for me. Awwww. I'm smiling in this picture not because I'm happy to be talking to customer service but because I'm cracking up that Steph and Erin followed me in here to take pictures of me sitting at Brian's desk. Seriously though, he was the best and made my situation so much better.
Classic Trafalgar Square picture. It was a miracle I didn't have to fight any crowds to stand in front of this guy.
At the fountains in Trafalgar Square. Of course we went into the National Gallery while we were there. I got my skirt while in China - I couldn't resist, I fell in love right away. Plus it wasn't too expensive since the dollar is worth more in Hong Kong.
Random London street
We're so happy to be here!
We went to H&M and each bought a ring! (In my case a set of 5).
At Covent Garden! I love this place - cute little shops and good food! It's got a cool history too.
We fell in love with all of the cute little cupcake shops.
MmmMmm! Of course one picture is never enough.
Getting ready to ride the tube! I loooove the tube! So much cleaner and nicer than other public transportation system I've ever been on.
They have lots of funny signs like this. The message isn't funny, but that little guy is.
Les Mis. Oh my gosh, this play is so amazing. I tried to count how many times I've seen it, but I lost count - at least 6 or 7 times. In fact we saw it twice while we were in London. It was the first play we saw when we got there and the last one. (If you have an International Student ID card you can go to the ticket office at 6:30 and get discounted tickets! I got a seat only 3 or 4 rows back from the stage!) I was so moved when we watched it on the first night, I literally had tears streaming down my cheeks the entire time. The woman who played Fantine was possibly the best I've ever seen.
Pure joy on Steph's face! It's thanks to her that I got into musicals.

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June 21, 2010 at 1:43 PM

oh oh lauren! you make me miss london even more, but i'm so glad you got to go back!

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