Embracing the Pounds

The title of the post is something we said last year in study abroad, and we loved it because of its double meaning. I lived by it this year too.

Erin, Steph and I went to St. Paul's Cathedral which was great. It is so beautiful inside and out and unbelievably huge. Went last year for a Eucharist service, but it was cool this year to actually explore and see more of the building.

We climbed from the very bottom all the way up to the top! What a serious workout! But well worth it. We stopped at the Whispering Gallery which was fun. You lean up against the wall and whisper and people all the way on the other side can you hear you. The employee walking around the whispering gallery had quite the sense of humor and was clearly enjoying his job. He'd see someone across the room and say to those standing around him, "Let's try and make contact" and then he'd whisper something like, "Would anyone like a cup of tea?" Or, "Any other lonely person trying to make contact?"
It was so cool to go up and have an incredible view of the city. I'd recommend this over the London Eye for sure.

Took a walk down Portobello Road, but we should have gone on the weekend, because it wasn't as exciting during the weekday. We still found some cool shops though.
I love all the random little signs around, they make me laugh.
And I love the homes in London, at least in the Notting Hill area. I'm ready to move in!

So lovely.
There was the cutest little preschool in the basement of one of these buildings and we could hear the kids reciting what they were learning in their adorable British accents. I want to raise my kids here just so they have cute accents haha.

As you can tell, we lucked out and had amazing weather in London! So sunny and warm!

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