Shopping at the Souks

In both Bahrain and Dubai we went shopping at the Souks which was fun! The store owners are very persistent and will practically follow you trying to get you to come into their store! If you like to barter, this place is perfect for that! Dad and Paula bought me a beautiful scarf here or pashmina I think is what they call them and Steph a really cool looking purse.
Lots of spices.
If I remember correctly, I think Ali Akbar means praise be to Allah, but I could be wrong.
Herbals are now harbels?
Steph got tired of taking pictures with me I think haha. But she was a good sport.
HAHA - you don't see this very often. It was outside a store that sold tobacco products. I see there is a public health need here :)
Only in the Middle East - leaving work for 10-15 minutes for "Pray Time."
Lots of abiyas around.

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