Random Facts about Australia, New Zealand and Fiji

We had different guest lecturers come and talk to us in my study abroad prep class about each country we'd be visiting and here are some of the notes I took.


- Very state based.  Very informal.  Rough identity that came with being settled a penal colony.  Not known for their sophistication necessarily. Fairly anti-establishment.  Very secular.  Not very open to listening to religious missionaries.  Primarily liberal.
- The beach is a huge part of their culture.
- Say G'day for hello.  You say it to everyone you come across.
- The Australian guest speaker we had joked that Australians were inbred in Tasmania.
- They speak differently.  When you have a word that ends with a vowel followed by a word that starts with a vowel you add an r sound to the end of the first word.  For example, we would say, "Emma is."  They would say, "Emmer is."
- Speaker joked that American are aristocratic rebellious and that Australians are just rebellious.
- Americans are more serious and formal.  We talk more about God in history.
- Americans put their hand over their heart while singing the national anthem.  In Australia you're holding a beer can.
- Bigger's not better in Australia.
- There's something called "Tall Poppy Syndrome" and essentially it criticizes successful people.  It's not cool to be too far ahead from others in success.
-  Don't say pissed or fanny.  And giving the peace sign is like saying, "Up yours"

Australian Slang:
-True Blue - Genuine Aussie
- Fair Dinkum - real, genuine
- Tucker - food
- Bludger - lazy person
- Whinge - whining
- Pom - English man

New Zealand:

- Kia Ora = hello, you agree, thank you.  Means good health.  The Maori often greet by touching noses.  Represents the breath of life.
- There are 4-6 sheep to everyo one person.
- There are more Caucasians in the South Island.  The islanders hate the cold so they tend live more up north.
- Don't beat around the bush - don't "muck" around
- The US ski team will sometimes practice on the southern island.
- In New Zealand you can ski and surf in the same day
- You can go kayaking with epnguins
- About half the population lives in Auckland
- Alma 63, Haggoth - President Kimball said this is refering to the Maori people
- There is lots of genealogy symbolism
- 1/8 of the people in Auckland is Asian
- Out of all of the Polynesian groups, the Maori people put up the best fight against white people.
- Samoans eat until they're full.  Maoris eat until there's nothing left.
- Bring home a green stone and a bone carving as a souvenir

NZ Slang:
- Heaps - a lot
- Far out
- They say, "eh" a lot.  As in really
- sweet as - it's like an exclamation.  They say it instead of cool or awesome.  Americans always want to finish the sentence haha.  "That car is sweet-as!"


- Very laid back
- Two main cultures - Idnians and Fijians
- Love to eat fresh fruit and fish from the sea
- Must wear a wrap-around, not pants through certain villages
- No tight fitting clothes
- Lots of papya, mango and oranges

Fijian Words:
- Bula - Hello
- Moce - bye, goodnight (pronounced mo-they)
- VInaka - thank you

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