Hong Kong

We had 10 hours in Hong Kong before our next flight and I definitely didn't want to spend that time in the airport, so Steph and I took a train into Hong Kong and explored the city on our own. There were tour options, but we didn't want to be confined to their schedule and itinerary so we did our own thing. This was Steph's first time out of the country and I think the travel bug has bitten her now as well! We really enjoyed China - very nice people, many large skyscrapers and beautiful greenery - on the plane we watched a short video clip about Hong Kong that said a large amount of it is rainforest! Who'd have known! The weather was very warm and humid, but also overcast. I just shot in manual and my pictures came out slightly darker than I would have liked, but I think they're still ok. I didn't bring my laptop over here, so I can't edit anything (not like I have done much of that in the past few months anyway) and so all of these images are just straight out of the camera.

Typical picture of a busy street in China. Except where did all the bikers go? I always imagined China with lots of people zooming around on bikes.
As cold and cloudy as it looks, we were roasting! It was quite humid and we were doing a lot of walking.
Steph and I laughed when we saw this ginormous Bank of American building. They have Bank of America in China, but not in Utah? haha, gosh, come on Utah, get with the program!
We walked up lots of hills and took a little break in a secluded area and the view was really pretty.
Some of the buildings were so tall the tops were in the clouds!

I love, love, love orchids. They're so pretty and elegant.

It was great to be able to stop in China and do some sight-seeing. I'm not sure when I'll ever get the opportunity to go back so I'm glad we could stop there, even if it did end up being the longer route.

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