I realized that I forgot to post about leaving Utah and my time in California. Sorry, this is late, but like they say - better late than never, right?

Here I am outside of Yozone with Kelsey, Karli, Kendis and Alyssa. Some of my very favorite people in the entire world. We went to Guru's before and had such a great time talking and catching up. I should have taken more pictures this day, because different groups of wonderful friends took me out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner before I left.
My nearly bare room as I left it. It looks so empty compared to before. It's always such a mix of emotions leaving to travel.
I looked like a homeless person as I started to pack some my stuff outside of my apartment and wait for Mom to come so we could load it up and head home to California.
Driving through Tehachapi into Bakersfield - so pretty!
Went over to Grandma's and Grandpa's a couple of times while I was home and had a wonderful time! They're the best! I had to take a picture of the window in Grandma's kitchen windowsill because it's just so pretty with the fresh flowers and plates.
Grandpa and I went out to Hart Park, it's been so long since I've been out there, I forgot how nice it is!
The best part? The peacocks! Grandpa and I counted 30 of them in one place - it was amazing! The blue on their bodies was unbelievably gorgeous, almost iridescent.

Not only did I take multiple trips to Dewars, but also to Rosemary's! Mom and I went before I left and had a nice sandwich and some ice cream. :) Their caramel sauce is my favorite!
Stephy and I sitting together at dinner.
The pretty springy table with one of my all-time favorite foods: Grandma's shrimp salad! She taught me how to make it this trip, yay!
Hello family!
I had a ton to do while I was home in California - dentist and eye appointments, people to see, preparations for travels and many personal projects. To stay sane I kept notes on this board - it got a little crazy as you can tell. And yes it's blurry on purpose.
Since not everyone could come up to Utah for graduation we had a little graduation party at Black Angus in Bakersfield! It was so wonderful! Most delicious Prime Rib and Filet Mignone I might have ever had!
How did I get so lucky!?

Grayson and I went out one night and had such a good time! We rented movies and video games, ate dinner at Applebees (we had some sort of lava cake for dessert and it was extremely good!) and then afterwards went home watched two movies and had popcorn and candy. This time home I could really see him turning from a little kid to more grown-up. Here's a self-portrait haha.
Ok, so funny story. When Michelle and I had our little Thai night a few weeks ago she bought all the food supplies and I brought the movie (she was so generous to take on the food portion). I dug out an old Blockbuster giftcard I've been carrying around for a while and took it with me to rent my movie. I picked out Brokedown Palace and went to the cashier. He tried running it, said it was invalid and then flipped it over where he told me, "Umm. You see, this expired December 31, 2000." haha, I couldn't believe it! 2000!? I was 12 years old! I have no idea how the heck I've been carrying this thing around that long! When I say I'm not much into watching movies or TV, believe me. This is proof. Luckily, California has made a law that giftcards never expire so this what G and I used on our little date night. This is the ancient card and my bright yellow nails. The secretary at the eye-exam place said they were Big Bird nails haha.
Even though I'm incredibly allergic to dogs, I love them and couldn't help but go and play with G and Coco in the backyard.
Ashley and I! She is seriously the best, I am so lucky to have a friend like her.
Coco just looked so funny sleeping like this, Mom and I had to take a picture! Not very lady-like, Miss Coco!

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